About Us

Metamorphose Masks is the hottest new silicone mask company. Our team is dedicated to producing the highest quality and most realistic silicone masks on the market today.

Our company was established in 2013 and is located in Ottawa, Canada. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the FX and mask industry.

Metamorphose Masks sets itself apart from it's competitors by offering some of the most detailed, innovative and jaw dropping designs and paint schemes in the industry today. 


Why choose Metamorphose Masks?


  • Skin safe Platinum silicone

All our silicone masks are made of ultra flexible, skin safe platinum grade silicone rubber.

  • Seamless Eyeholes

For extra realism, our masks come with the smallest and most comfortable eye hole possible.

  • Power mesh reinforced

Our silicone masks are reinforced with a 4 way stretch fabric in strategic areas like the mouth, eyes, ears and nose to insure superior durability without limiting movement.

  • XL bib coverage

Metamorphose masks are design with longer-than-average bibs for optimal chest coverage and realism.

  • Mouth movement 

We offer one of the best mouth coverage and lip cupping the industry. Our lip cupping system will help you deliver the best and most believable mouth expressions possible. 

  •  Adjustable nose bridge

 Metamorphose masks developed the most advance and best fitting nose bridge in the industry. Our nose bridge is fully adjustable for a perfect fit every time. This technology allows for better eye fitment, increases facial movement and comfort.